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Board Level Design

  • Complete Design Flow from Specification through Gerber
  • SPICE Verification
  • PCB Multi-Layer Design
  • Digital, Analog and RF Integration
  • Board bring up and check out

Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design

  • Standard I/O Cell Libraries
  • Sigma-Delta DAC/ADC
  • Comparators
  • Band-Gap References
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Programmable Gain Amplifiers
  • Voltage Regulators and Charge Pumps
  • PLL
  • Ring Oscillator
  • SPICE Verification

Physical Verification and PDK Developmentx

IMEA SEMICONDUCTORS  performs PDK component design for technology processes from 180nm down to 7nm (TSMC, UMC, Tower, SMIC, ALP etc)

  • Rule deck development and optimization (DRC, LVS, DFM, etc)
  • PDK migration
  • PDK verification / testing using QA cells & existing designs / regression setup
  • Automation
  • Library integration testing / IP inspection

Internet of Things

  • Vehicle management system
  •  Environment monitor and control
  • Real-time health monitor
  • Smart home controller
  • Mobile asset tracking system
  • IoT marketplace
  • Library integration testing / IP inspection

Digital Design

  • Digital Standard Cell Library Development
  • FIR/IIR Digital Filter IPs
  • SPI, I2C, I2S, Ethernet, UART, USB IPs
  • Convolutional Interleaving/Deinterleaving Modules
  • IQ Modulators/Demodulators (QAM, PSK etc)

Test Structure Design

Semiconductor Test Structure Design and Layout Generation

Memory Design

  • Schematic and Layout Design

Championing Innovation Driven Business

Our domain focus enables us to deliver innovative engineering and enterprise-wide digital solutions, specific to client needs. With 20+ years of engineering excellence, we help you embrace the future of work and apply the right technology required to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.



Consumer Electronics

Home Automation

Industrial Automation

Medical Devices



Security, Surveillance and Access Control

Transport and Logistics


Case Studies

Plane Control Equipment Platform

Our client’s need was to provide solutions for their plane control equipment platform. We have dealt with several changeable parameters requiring high-precision measurement; thus, we have implemented the best oversampling technology included in Sigma-Delta conversion. Using Sigma-Delta DAC/ADC and PLL we have built stabilization solution for the client.

Vehicle Electronic System Block

We have built memory solution for Vehicle Electronic System based on CMOS technology.  Using OTP NVM our experts designed blocks which allow to recognize key and other devices. We have also worked with event data recorder, which continuously receives data from several sensors and electronic modules assembled and cabled within the vehicle while its microcontroller continuously logs around 5 seconds of data in NVM of floating gate type.

Automation Environment for Simulation of Configurable VHDL/Verilog Modules

Our client had configurable VHDL/Verilog modules, where each of module had configurable testbench. For testing various configurations of different modules our experts created an Automation Environment allowing to run simulation for all required configurations.

Design of IoT Data Acquisition equipment for seismic protection and geological services.

The client needed special device equipped with motion detection sensors, water level measurement in wells and Radio-meters for measuring Radon level rising from the bowels of the earth. We designed and built board with special sensors and GSM module for transmission collected data through clouds to end user. We used Altium Designer EDA tool to create the schematic and PCB Layout. The IoT Data Acquisition equipment was created for monitoring vast territories.

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